If you’re not cool with a Chinese spy balloon flying overhead, you shouldn’t be cool with a TikTok on your cell phone!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

TikTok is a communist surveillance apparatus and it should be banned in the US immediately.

Last week Congress heard from TikTok’s CEO and what we learned was not shocking but still very concerning, TikTok is an app that is undeniably tethered to the Chinese communist government.

Your information, data, and privacy is being exploited by a foreign entity and you should care!

There are no cat videos too cute or songs too catchy to validate the mind and security cancer this app is causing. It’s a national threat and also, a threat to basic human intelligence!

I am proud to see some Democrats standing with Republicans to eradicate this app from our country.

China makes no bones about it, they want to replace us as a world power and why we’d hand over the reins for them to do that via a stupid social media app is ludicrous!

We’ve got enough problems with our American big tech companies, we don’t need to invite others from communist entities!

Delete TikTok and ban it, now!

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