Women Of The Civil War ‘The Foreign Fighter & The American Legend’

‘The Fearless and Proud podcast’ series looks at acts of bravery and strength by women. March is ‘Women’s History Month’ and in this first season we discuss women who played important roles in the ‘Civil War’ as soldiers, spies and nurses.

In this episode we will be looking at two intriguing women of the war.  First, Cuban born Loreta Janeta Velazquez who is sent to the United States for an education by her well-to-do Spanish family.  After falling in love with a Confederate soldier her dreams soon turn to fighting, spying and any other adventure she could have. We then move onto the legendary Harriet Tubman who many will know from her work as a conductor on ‘The Underground Railroad’.  We will discuss her time as a nurse, soldier and spy for the Union Army, and talk about the ‘Combahee River Raid’, a turning point in the war.

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