School Districts Sue Social Media Companies

Several school districts across the nation are SUING social media platforms for contributing to a youth mental health crisis.

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Social media used to be a tool of free speech and self expression but in recent years it has taken a devastating and even deadly turn.

That’s why several school districts around the country- in both blue and red states- are suing social media companies for “knowingly creating this unprecedented mental health crisis.”

The suits allege these companies such as YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat and more are designing and marketing their platforms to “encourage youth addiction” and deliver harmful content.

This stuff is no joke. The CDC recently released data showing the rising rates of poor youth mental health and suicide.

Social media use undoubtedly has something to do with it. Whether it’s the brain-melting content, the bullying or just the overarching addiction to these platforms, parents need to be aware.

Parental control features are not enough. If your kid is online, you need to be checking in and often.

Lawsuits or no lawsuits, we need parents to step up!

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