COVID & Raccoon Dogs

Where did COVID REALLY come from?

It was likely a Wuhan lab leak but some are now convinced it came from…get this..raccoon dogs.

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We still don’t know the origins of COVID but while many of us are going back to the lab leak theory, the World Health Organization has its sights set on raccoon dogs.

Yes, you heard that right, raccoon dogs.

The WHO is now asking Chinese officials to release data possibly showing a link between raccoon dogs being sold at Chinese wet markets, and the dawn of COVID.

Apparently researchers found genetic material from these dogs in the same swabs as the virus that causes COVID. Some believe they could’ve been the virus’ original host.

So what are these animals anyway? Well they are essentially wild dogs with a raccoon face and body resembling a canine.

These animals have been linked to other diseases including SARS in the early 2000s.

First it was bats, then we got some transparency on the actual likely origin- a lab- and now we’re back to wet markets and raccoon dogs?

Will they ever be honest with us? Don’t hold your breath!

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