Co-founder and CEO of The Federalist Sean Davis joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about what sparked his Twitter argument with Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn over U.S. aid being sent to Ukraine, prompting the lawmaker to compare him to Neville Chamberlain.

“This week is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Iraq war, which I think we can agree in hindsight was a disaster. It was a disaster for our troops who did the best they could under awful conditions and paid the price for a decision that never should have been made. It was disastrous for the region. It was disastrous for our national security. And yet we have John Cornyn, who was elected just months before he voted for that war and voted for it under the rationale that, remember, if we don’t fight them there, we’ll have to fight them here. He said the exact same thing to me. If we don’t fight the Russians there, we’re going to have to fight them here. No, no, no, John. They’re not planning to parachute into America and take over Houston. Like the invasion we need to worry about in Texas, by the way, is the one that’s happening on his southern border, because the border has been dissolved and we have Chinese nationals and fentanyl flooding over the border. But what he’s worried about is sending another tranche of $100 billion to shore up Zelenskyy’s borders, not our own. And I just find it absolutely enraging how out of touch these guys are.” 

Sean also weighs in on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment of former President Trump. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!