Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain why he believes Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into former President Trump is politically motivated and not based on sound legal footing.

“Look, it’s clear as day folks, the man ran saying he wanted to indict Trump and get Trump and now he’s twisting the law to do it. Look, I’m not a lawyer, okay? But I try to, like, read and be educated on what’s happening. This guy is trying to bring charges on something that the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice said no to. Both of them said nothing to see here. A state level prosecutor is now trying to bring charges. What is going on? This is all politics. It’s actually really disgusting when you think about it. And so my hope is that they just can’t come to a conclusion to bring an indictment, because if they did, I mean, you talk about just a political pipe bomb. This thing would be nuts and would create some serious consequences. And the other part is, once you set a precedent like that, who’s to stop it in the future?

Plus, Rep. Donalds sheds light on how newly-obtained bank records indicate President Biden was lying when he denied members of his family received more than $1 million from accounts related to Hunter Biden’s associate and their Chinese business dealings back in 2017. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!