Buffalo Wild Nuggets?

A lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings takes a sarcastic turn as the chain’s response goes viral.

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What exactly is a “boneless chicken wing?” Well one lawsuit is attempting to get the bottom of it.

An Illinois man filed a lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings for allegedly misleading customers by advertising “boneless meat” as wings.

The lawsuit details how boneless wings should be deboned chicken wings but the restaurant uses chicken breast meat and passes it off as a “wing” when it’s essentially a glorified nugget.

The suit notes that other chains like Domino’s Pizza and Papa Johns each label their products as either “boneless chicken” or “chicken poppers” so as not to mislead customers.

But Buffalo Wild Wings responded with a hilarious tweet that reads, “our boneless wings are all white meat chicken. Our hamburgers contain no ham. Our buffalo wings are 0% buffalo.”

Listen, this is all very petty and I doubt the lawsuit has much of a chance but instead of being fired up by the definition of things, maybe we should all be collectively fired up at how inflation has raised the prices of our food to begin with.

Let’s go Brandon!

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