4 Day Work Week California

A 4 day work week bill has been reintroduced in California, because that’s just what we need amid a worker shortage. NOT!

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First it was the “safer at home” COVID restrictions, then quiet quitting, then bare minimum Mondays and now this- the push for a 4-day work week.

It’ll come as no surprise California is leading this charge.

Congressman Mark Takano reintroduced a bill earlier this month that would reduce the standard workweek from 40 hours to 32.

Not only would this bill amend the definition of the workweek in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, it would also require overtime pay at a rate of time and half for any employee who works more than 32 hours in one week.

Really, California?! Small businesses can barely afford to pay employees as it is and now you want to lessen the workload and up the pay?!

Older generations worked day and night to make a better life for their families and now we have coach potatoes that not only wanna work in their PJs from home, but also for fewer hours.

What happened to work ethic in this country? I’m all about a work/life balance but this is just laziness codified!

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