“Office” Star Slams Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Bias

One of our favorite “Office” mates blasted the entertainment industry for anti-christian bias.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

You know and love him as Dwight from “The Office” and now you’re about to love him even more.

Actor Rainn Wilson blasted Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole for displaying a pretty obvious anti-Christian bias.

In a tweet he referenced the preacher character “David” in the “The Last of Us” who read from the Bible but turned out to be an evil cannibal in the series.

Rainn Wilson posed the simple question, “Could there be a bible-reading preacher on a show who is actually loving and kind?”

And he makes a good point. The entertainment industry- and particularly the Hollywood Liberal elites, go out of their way to poo-poo on Christianity every chance they get.

I realize most of these people only worship Climate Change policy and tofu burgers, but still, it’s a glaring anti-Christian and anti-faith bias that doesn’t reflect the values of most Americans.

Believe it or not, it’s a good thing to be righteous and a good thing to follow Jesus. Sorry, Hollywood, you’re way off as usual!

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