LA Times: White Drivers Pollute Air for People of Color

An LA Times article insists white drivers are polluting the air for people for color.

Here we go again. You can almost smell the white guilt.

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Folks, just when we thought race-baiting couldn’t get any more pathetic, the LA Times writes THIS article and takes it to a new level.

The article is titled, “How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color” and it spews exactly what it sounds like, white people driving vehicles in LA are contributing to environmental racism.

The writer references a study that people who drive more aren’t exposed to as much pollution as people who drive less and apparently white wealthy people drive more and so this is all a function of racism.

The writer goes on to explain how low income communities in LA were disrupted to make way for freeway construction. So driving AND construction are racist now!

Did Mayor Pete advise on this article?!

If none of thanks makes sense to you, congratulations you’re not a race baiter or professional victim!

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