Jane Fonda Contemplates Murdering Pro-Lifers

Just when we thought the “View” table couldn’t go any lower, Jane Fonda opens her mouth and goes there.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

I don’t expect much from the ladies of the View or their liberal guests but last week Jane Fonda pulled up a chair at the table and went lower than low.

When asked what could be done to stop pro-life legislation and pro-life legislators, Jane Fonda said, and I quote, “”Well, I’ve thought of murder.”

And she doubled down when asked to repeat herself, quipping once again, “murder.”

Not only is her comment disgraceful, it’s really quite ironic. In order to protect the right to murder an unborn child, Jane Fonda ponders murdering pro-life politicians.

There’s quite the affinity for murder on the Left and it’s worth pointing out.

But furthermore, the fact that Jane Fonda felt so comfortable pledging violence against her political rivals just goes to show how utterly disgusting the radical Left- and especially the Hollywood Left- has stooped.

It’s one thing to be pro-choice and advocate your position but it’s quite another to wish harm or even DEATH on those with whom you disagree.

Brace yourselves, Americans. This is just a small taste of how bad it’s gonna get when we win in 2024!

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