Bare Minimum Mondays

First it was “quiet quitting” and now the younger generation of workers has introduced a new trend that is even more lazy and pathetic.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Gen-Zers will do anything to avoid hard work and get away with it by labeling their laziness with some kind of trend or hashtag.

This time it’s “bare minimum Mondays” and it’s exactly what it sounds like- doing less on Mondays.

This stupid trend has been made popular on communist TikTok and is described as a way to relieve stress, avoid burnout and beat the Sunday scaries. All you gotta do is the bare minimum on Monday and you can pass it off as “self-care.”

Folks, I’m a Millennial and I’ve had it with these Gen-Zers. This is so pathetic and un-American I can’t believe it’s a real and now popular thing.

It is not that hard to show up to work Monday-Friday and do what you’re paid to do. It’s the point of a job and it’s the reason you’re getting a paycheck.

I know employers are struggling to find any workers and therefore must placate this crap but the tide will soon change and I hope every single one of these lazy losers gets the BOOT!

Show up. Work hard. Period.

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