We’re Paying HOW MUCH for Illegal Immigration?!

American taxpayers are selling out at least $182 billion per year on illegal immigration and the blank checks keep coming!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration costs AMERICAN taxpayers at least $182 billion dollars a year. That means each taxpayer has a bill for roughly $1,100 bucks on our tab.

This cost is incurred by the nearly 16 million illegal immigrants on the books and the 5.4 million children of illegal immigrants we also support.

And I don’t wanna hear the nonsense about illegals paying taxes because analysis shows they contribute around $32 billion but cost us over $150 billion more than that!

This is an outrage. Mothers can’t find baby formula, everyday essentials such as eggs are priced through the rough not to mention the costs of child care, college, insurance and housing. We simply cannot keep funneling more people through our southern border.

We are bankrupting our country little by little and the Democrats are letting it happen.

We’ve already got a national debt of over $31 trillion. Turn off the spigot!

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