International WOMEN’S Day

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day but how many Liberals even know what I woman is…

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This week we celebrated International Women’s Day but with the Left so confused about what a woman actually is…perhaps it’s time to scrap the holiday altogether.

Think about it, they tell us anyone can just identify as a woman and voila, we’re all supposed to respect that.

The rainbow mafia tells us biological men should be playing our sports, showering in our locker rooms, using our restrooms and more.

The power of “identifying” has gone too far and so has political correctness.

The dictionary defines a woman as an adult female human, so let’s go with that.

Why have we allowed a very small majority to dictate and change the definition based on THEIR narrowly held ideals?!

It’s lunacy and it makes a mockery of feminism, women’s rights and the leaders of the women’s suffrage movement who fought tooth and nail for equal rights for..wait for it..WOMEN!

So perhaps the left should sit International Women’s Day out from now on!

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