Portland Walmarts ALL TO CLOSE

ALL Walmart stores in the liberal hellscape of Portland are closing permanently thanks in part to out of control shoplifting theft.

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The last 2 holdout Walmart stores in Portland are closing their doors, which means that city will have zero Walmart locations.

The company says this is due to “poor financial showing” but just a few months back their CEO warned that theft will force stores to push prices higher or close altogether if something isn’t done to control the issue.

And guess what, boom. It happened.

Nearly 600 employees in Portland and the surrounding area will now be jobless all because thugs know they can steal and take and face little to NO consequences.

And if Walmart- one of the largest corporations in the world- is feeling the sting of mass theft, can you imagine what smaller stores and businesses go through…

But Democrats will never acknowledge shoplifting as a crime because they can’t blame guns or climate change, they can only blame themselves!

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