Trump: Deport ALL Illegals!

President Trump outlined a bold immigration plan at CPAC and Liberal heads are rolling!

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While on the CPAC stage, President Trump outlined a bold plan to deal with illegal immigration and the invasion enablers are losing it.

Since Biden was vote-by-mailed into office, well over 5 million illegals have invaded this country through our wide open southern border.

Add the 5 million plus that have strolled in in the last couple years to the 15-30 million already here, dodging in and out of the shadows, and we’ve got a real problem on our hands, especially as the Democrats are rolling out more socialist free-for-all programs.

But former President Trump has a plan, move heaven and earth to deport as many illegal immigrants as possible.

So a lot of folks- even on the Republican side of things- say the notion of deporting millions of illegals is unrealistic and extreme.

Ok.. ya know what else is unrealistic and extreme…letting tens of millions of people invade our country and then stay in our country!

But if we can’t deport every person who came to this country illegally, perhaps we can start with the 5 million plus who have shuffled over here in the last 2 years under false asylum claims!

Sounds like a good start to me.

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