Illegals to Vote in DC

Illegal immigrants will now be able to vote in DC.

It pays to break the law in Liberal cities, I guess.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Well folks, noncitizens, foreign diplomats, and even illegals will now be able to vote in local elections in our nation’s capitol.

The city council passed it and Congress failed to step in and stop it so here we are.

If you meet other qualifications such as age, all you gotta do is reside in DC for 30 days and you get a vote.

Democrats say this is “in line with our values as a country” but not sure when breaking immigration law became one of our American values. I guess in January of 2021 when Biden took office, I suppose.

This is infuriating and will only entice more illegals to cross our border.

If we don’t stop this snowball, this DC experiment will become the law of the entire land and then we can kiss all future elections goodbye.

We knew this was coming folks, let’s just hope it stops at DC!

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