Lori Lightfoot is DONE!

The people of Chicago have spoken and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is about to be unemployed!

Bye Bye Beetlejuice! More, next.

We know Chicago is riddled with crime, lawlessness and homelessness but many of us didn’t think the voters would be wise enough to change course.

Well that made that first step this week by ousting their mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

She is the first mayor in 40 years to lose re-election and she lost by a lot.

While her competitors failed to get 50% of the vote and will head to a runoff, she didn’t even make that threshold.

Nearly 86% of Chicago voters rejected Lightfoot.

But care to guess why Lori Lightfoot says she lost?…

Well of course, she blames racism, sexism and discrimination.

So she was elected on her merits but not re-elected because Chicago is apparently now full of racist, sexist homophobes…oh and crime, lawlessness and homelessness.. but I’m sure those things had nothing to do with it..

What a woke joke. Lori, you lost. No excuses. No cards.

Now perhaps Chicago will begin its comeback tour.

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