South Carolina Republican Congressman Russell Fry joins Fox Across America With guest host Rich Zeoli to shed light on the significant consequences of the Biden administration’s weak enforcement of immigration laws at the U.S. Southern border.

“We were just in Yuma and it was remarkable to see the county supervisor, who had a conversation with Mayorkas very early that they were going to finish portions of the wall down there in Yuma, that they were going to make sure that the communities were safe. And none of that has happened. And if you drive down there, you still see the empty fence materials, border barrier materials sitting on the ground next to where the wall should be. And they have cartel activity. They have high speed chases going through agricultural fields. I mean, you have a community that’s dramatically impacted because of the border crisis that this administration has brought. I mean, it didn’t used to be like this. When you talk to Border Patrol agents who say, five years ago, my job was to go round up people who were trying to quietly enter the country. And now they line up at the gate and wait for Border Patrol to process them and put them on a bus. This isn’t who we are. We’re supposed to enforce the law. And the biggest frustration, you talk to any immigrant who’s done it lawfully, they look at this as a farce. They went through all this time and expense to do it the right way. We’re a welcoming country, but my gosh, we cannot continue to see these numbers as this administration has produced because they haven’t enforced the laws that we have.”

Plus, Rep. Fry talks about the importance of determining the origins of COVID-19. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!