Florida Alligators On Trial!

After an elderly Florida woman was recently attacked and killed, more alligators are being removed from the retirement community and will likely be killed.

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After an 85-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a 10-foot gator while walking her dog, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has removed at least 2 additional gators from the area.

A commission representative noted there’ve been a total of 5 gator complaints that a licensed nuisance alligator trapper is currently on the scene to assess.

What happens to those gators will depend on the public safety risk they pose but the way this usually goes is… those gators will likely be euthanized and possibly even processed for their hide and meat.

Now look, I agree these gators probably need to be removed from the retirement community before tragedy strikes again, but why not just relocate them to the everglades or a protected park?

Gators don’t go out looking for grandmas to nab, unfortunately this was a wrong place, wrong time situation and wild animals will be wild animals, after all!

I don’t see what killing the gators will do to solve the problem unless it’s now open season on Florida’s whole gator population!

You don’t have to be an animal lover to see how ridiculous this is!

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