Florida Congressman Greg Steube back on the show, throwing daggers at the White House for not prioritizing Americans. Especially during a time of need for many suffering in Ohio due to the train derailment earlier this month.

“It shows exactly where this administration’s priorities are. And it’s not America. It’s not Americans. It’s Ukraine. It’s a wide open southern border and millions of illegals streaming into our country. It’s not the hardworking Americans that are in East Palestine that are literally can’t go to their home or drink water because there was a train derailment. And the secretary of transportation, it’s 14 days now since that’s occurred. He hasn’t shown up. And what I’ve seen is a pattern with this administration is if there’s enough noise in, eventually they acquiesce to the horribleness of the decisions that they make. So because even CNN and the like is like, well, Mr. President, why haven’t you gone to East Palestine? Well, it’s an afterthought after Ukraine to go there and visit the Americans that are that are truly struggling right now, both from a health perspective and being able to get in their homes and all the things that go with what happened there and ignoring the southern border, ignoring the fact that 100,000 Americans a year now dying from fentanyl, that we know is coming across the southern border. And the most important thing for him is to fly to Ukraine, promised another $500 million, which brings the total amount to like $115 billion that we’ve given the Ukraine with no plan, like you said, like, what are we doing? Are we just then venmoing money with no actual plan of what we’re doing?”

Florida Rep. Steube also gives us an update on how he is doing following his horrible ladder accident. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!