Former Acting Ice Director Tom Homan is back on the show to tell us how more and more fentanyl is finding its way into our country each day.

“Let’s set one thing straight. More fentanyl does not come through a port of entry. More fentanyl seized at a port of entry. Let me tell you why. Because every car that comes across a port of entry is stopped. The driver’s usually questioned. Based on the response to the questions, they may choose to secondary search your vehicle. Also, CBP has what they call the CBP targeting system, which I can’t tell you what’s in it because it’s law enforcement sensitive, but much information goes in this system. And when you put in the license plate number, when you go to a port of entry and you put your license plate number in as you approach the booth and they make it a hit based on the targeting criteria that say, hey, you may want a secondary this car. So they have a lot of tools and they seize a lot of drugs because every vehicle stopped. Well, let’s be clear. The cartels don’t use the route of least resistance, which is between the ports of entry.” 

There’s only one thing Tom Homan knows more about than securing our borders, and that’s smoking meats! Check out the rest of the podcast to hear what he’s cooking up.