Josh Rogin: Ukrainians Need To Hear President Biden Say We Will Give You As Much As It Takes To Win

Josh Rogin, Washington Post Columnist & author of “Chaos Under Heaven”, tells Brian Kilmeade that Vladimir Putin blaming Ukraine and the West for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are the same lies directed at the Russian people who are living in a cocoon of Russian propaganda. Rogin doesn’t think in the end it means anything that Putin is withdrawing from the START treaty because he wasn’t abiding by it anyway. Rogin, who just returned from Munich where Tony Blinken, Kamala Harris and a group of senators and congressmen were in attendance, said that the Ukrainian lawmakers do not think time is on their side and they don’t like when President Biden and his administration say they will help as long as it takes. Rogin says the message should be we will give you as much as it takes to win as quickly as possible but Rogin feels that is not where the Biden administration is. When asked who in the Biden administration is in charge of policy toward Ukraine, Rogin says lawmakers in both parties and the Ukrainians believe it is Jake Sullivan running the show and President Biden agrees with him. Rogin believes if Secretary of State Tony Blinken was in charge he would be advocating a more aggressive policy on a number of fronts, including getting Ukraine the weapons they need. Rogin went on to say it is really tragic for the Ukrainians who do not care about any of the internal politics, they just want the things to save their lives.