Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Questions Need For New Task Force On UFOs: “We Don’t Need Another. We Already Have One”

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss what he learned from the Senate classified briefing on the ‘Unidentified Objects’ that were shot down over North America and has led the White House to form a new task force to study the security and safety risks these objects pose to Americans.

Senator Rubio questioned the need for the creation of a new task force on studying these objects saying,

“What bothers me the most is this. There is, we set up an office through the ODNI and the AERO program, it’s called, and it is supposed to be the task force that takes in all this data. So these planes went up and intercepted these things, right? Those planes collected data, They did. They collected video data. They collected telemetry data. You don’t just shoot missiles at something and not collect data. That data needs to be given immediately to AERO. Why? So that they can compare that data to all of these other cases we have data on. And what they may find is, oh yeah, this is just like the one we identified two years ago and it was we know what it is now. It was X and you solved the problem. It may not and they may just add further to the study, the fact that that’s not happening and that instead what you have is them talking about creating a brand new task force that Jake Sullivan is going to head up. We don’t need another. We already have one that exists for this very purpose, and it’s not filled with political appointees. It’s filled with data scientist, aerospace scientists, people that specialize in this. That’s the only way we’re going to begin to get answers on this.”