Red Light District in SF?

Just when you thought San Fran couldn’t get any worse, now lawmakers are toying with the idea of a “red light” district.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

San Francisco has a lot of problems- drugs, homelessness, violent crime and prostitution are out of control.

BUT instead of cracking down on the perpetrators of all those things, lawmakers and sex work advocates are toying with the idea of a “red light” district instead.

Because why try to tackle illegal and illicit activity when you can just give it a complete pass, right?!

There’s a well-known area in San Fran called “Capp Street” where sex workers are present and prominently displayed. In an effort to curb this curb walking, officials have attempted to put up barriers to deter the so-called “cruising zone.”

This effort isn’t expected to solve the problem so in comes the brilliant idea for a “red light” district instead, an area where sex work is legalized in the hopes of containing it to that area.

Good luck, San Francisco. If the California track record tells us anything, it’s that coddling criminal behavior doesn’t work!

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