Illegals Flee NYC for “Better Life” in Canada?

Here’s a plot twist for ya, illegal immigrants bused to the Big Apple are reportedly fleeing to Canada to get away from the filth of the city.

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You know New York City has become a real crap hole when illegal immigrants are boarding tax-payer funded buses to Canada to escape the rampant drug use and homeless population of the Big Apple.

Several migrants spoke to the New York Post telling the publication they are skipping town with free bus tickets to Canada to escape the drug use, crime and homeless crisis in NYC.

I mean..they’re not wrong. NYC has taken a turn for the worse but you know its hit a fever pitch when supposed “asylum seekers” complain it’s too lawless and filthy for their liking.

Let’s keep in mind many of these migrants are also disgruntled they were evicted from taxpayer funded luxury hotels- many of them having trashed their accommodations over the course of their stay.

It’s all such a mess- every part of this situation.

We should not be funding the travel whims of illegal immigrants and we shouldn’t have allowed millions to waltz across our border in the first place.

Does anyone see this ending well?!

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