BLM is Ticked at Joe!

BLM’s disgraced founder is calling out JOE BIDEN and pals for not defunding the police, enough.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Patrisse Cullors- remember her? The disgraced co-founder of BLM with an affinity for California mansions..she is slamming President JOE and Pete Buttigieg for refusing to defund police.

She calls it a “failure of leadership” and “deep cowardice” for Joe and pals to allow any money to go to law enforcement.

She also said by funding law enforcement, they’ve chosen to side with violent police forces.

Um, Patrisse, if you wanna talk about violence and failed leadership let’s talk about BLM INC, itself!

Thanks to BLM, our nation suffered billions in property damage in the summer riot season, alone! Not to mention a renewed and dangerous war on cops!

I’m not one to defend Joe or Pete, but this just goes to show, no matter how radical the Democrats become, they will never be radical enough to appease the woke arm of their party.

However, I do wanna hear Joe and Pete tell us if they are still cheerleaders for the sham money making scheme that is BLM INC.

Ya can’t play the fence anymore, fellas!

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