Ainsley Earhardt: How Faith Can Help Guide Us Through The Difficult Times In Our Lives

Co-host of “Fox & Friends” Ainsley Earhardt joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss the new episode of her Fox Nation series “Ainsley’s Bible Study”, in which she speaks with three young women who share their faith journeys while attending ‘woke’ colleges.

“I could relate to all of these girls in their stories. Like one, Annabella Rockwell, she’s darling. She’s now working for Prager U. But she grew up in a conservative Christian home. She went to Mount Holyoke College, and she’s been very outspoken about this. She’s written articles and been on Fox and Friends about it. Her professors made her believe that she was oppressed and she was a victim. And so she would go home and tell her mom, you know, you were oppressed, mom, and you grew up a long time ago. You were sheltered. And she became really dependent on alcohol. And then her mom had to hire someone to de-program her, to coach her through it and tell her mom what to say to her. And eventually, Annabella became sober and she returned to church. And she’s very close with her mom, but she went a long time without talking to her mom. And now she works for Prager U and she’s very outspoken about it. But she talks about how these professors really did change her and influence her and had a lasting impression on her life. But they each have different stories. It’s pretty fascinating.”

Ainsley also tells Jimmy about how her life changed after having her daughter. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!