CA Hands Out OVER 1 MILLION Driver’s Licenses to Illegals

Over 1 million illegal immigrants have driver’s licenses in California because violating immigration law comes with perks and privileges in California.

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It all started in 2013 when California lawmakers passed AB 60- giving illegal immigrants access to driver’s licenses despite them being…well..illegals.

Well since then more than 1 million illegal immigrants have taken part in this privilege and it’s about to expand. New legislation signed last fall will expand the program to illegals who don’t drive or who can’t take the driver’s test.

Well here’s a little nugget of info for those of you who don’t live in California- when you get a driver’s license in that state you are AUTOMATICALLY put on the voter rolls! If you aren’t eligible you have to OPT OUT!

And guess what else, when you’re on the voter rolls in California you get a mail-in ballot sent to you whether you request one or not.

California says it fixed this issue… because illegals voting in the US is… illegal! BUT Does anyone else see the recipe for disaster here? Illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses and automatically get added to the voter rolls unless they personally opt out and if not are automatically sent a mail-in ballot.

What could go wrong?!

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