OnlyFans Mom Sues School District

An OnlyFans mom is suing the school district after she says she was banned from volunteering.

Oh boy this is wild!

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For those of you who are unfamiliar, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform with a variety of content, most of it R-Rated and not safe for work- and apparently not safe for school either.

One mom in Orange County, Florida is suing her child’s school district after she says she was banned from volunteering at the school due to her activity on OnlyFans.

This mother believes another parent sent posts from her page to the school board and stirred up this controversy.

Since, she says she’s only been allowed to volunteer virtually.

Her lawsuit accuses the district of limiting her volunteer opportunities and distributing her pictures to staff, administrators and the media.

The Orange County School District doesn’t comment on pending litigation but says it hasn’t received her latest complaint and her first complaint was tossed out by aa court.

This case is a sign of the times. In Biden’s economy, can you blame a mom for needing a side hustle…

Have you seen the price of eggs?!

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