What You Need To Know About The Murdaugh Double Murder Trial

Disgraced South Carolina prosecutor Alex Murdaugh begins his murder trial this week, standing accused of shooting and killing his wife and son in the summer of 2021. The former lawyer has already been indicted by a state grand jury for decades of financial crimes, however, now faces life in prison if convicted. With jury selection concluded and the trial underway, many throughout the country are watching the case of this prominent, powerful patriarch suspected of double homicide. The Post and Courier’s Chief Investigative Reporter Avery Wilks is covering the case live from the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, SC and he joins the Rundown to explain the difficulty the prosecution faces with their case depending on circumstantial evidence, the financial pressure Alex Murdaugh faced in the day leading up to the murders and how this trial has turned the quiet South Carolina town into a media circus.

When the pandemic hit, both federal and local officials took action to prevent renters from being evicted from their apartments. At the time, landlords felt that eviction moratoriums were unfair to them. Now, the Biden administration has developed a plan that they say will help to promote rental affordability. The proposed “Renters’ Bill of Rights” would collect information as to how landlords screen tenants, limit certain rent increases, and modify guidelines on the anti-competitive share of information, further upsetting landlords and large corporations. FOX Business Correspondent Grady Trimble joins the Rundown to discuss how the plan will be executed, and how the current economy is impacting both the rental and housing markets alike.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Contributor Deroy Murdock.