Splash Mountain Water for Sale

Disney’s Splash Mountain closed this week and now people are buying the ride’s water for big bucks online.

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This week DisneyWorld officially closed the Splash Mountain theme park ride after a small yet vocal minority claimed the ride to be “racist.”

If you’re not quite sure what’s racist about a water log ride, you’re not alone. It was a ridiculous woke move.

The ride will now be converted to “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” based on the 2009 film “Princess and the Frog.”

But here’s where things get even nuttier. People are now buying and selling the ride’s water on Ebay, with one listing at $1,000 dollars.

If you’re willing to not only buy theme park water, but worse, buy theme park water that may or may not be theme park water, you may want to reevaluate your Disney obsession.

I don’t think the ride should’ve closed in the first place but buying its water?! That is just plain WEIRD!

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