Nancy Pelosi’s Stock Trading “Crystal Ball”

Nancy Pelosi is making bank off stock trading again.

Her crystal ball really is accurate, isn’t it?!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

How do you become a multi-millionaire off a government salary? Well, that’s a great question for former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Several weeks ago Mrs. Pelosi sold $3 million in Google stock and low and behold, this week the DOJ has opened an investigation against Google to possibly break up its tech monopoly.

That was really convenient timing, Nancy! It’s almost as if you, once again, had some insider info with which to make your stock decision!

This is downright dirty, folks. Our members of Congress and their spouses should be PROHIBITED from trading stocks and profiting while in office.

Thank goodness Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill to do just that, appropriately titled the “PELOSI Act.”

These public servants are supposed to work in OUR best interest, not line their own pockets!

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