The Oscar nominations are out and surprise surprise, the wokesters aren’t happy.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out why their panties are in wad this time.

Nominations for the 95th annual Academy Awards were announced yesterday and you knew the liberals were gonna find some reason to criticize who did or did not make the list.

For the last 5 plus years there has been a gripe about something and this year it’s that no female directors were nominated.

The LA Times lamented the lack of females saying women were entirely “snubbed” from the category.

I’m confused though, I thought Liberals didn’t recognize binary gender…so when you think about it this is a win for they/thems right?!

Furthermore, the Oscars are decided upon by a group of a bunch of Hollywood elites- likely liberals- so if it’s still not diverse enough, blame yourselves!

Luckily, no normal Americans watch the broadcast anyway so we don’t really care!

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