Kim Kardashian gave a talk at Harvard and now both her and the university are getting dragged for it.

I’m Tomi Lahren and my surprising take is next.

Last week Kim Kardashian led a guest lecture at Harvard Business School alongside her SKIMS co-founder and now the peanut gallery is ripping not only Kim but the Ivy League University for inviting her.

Some trolls saying a lecture from someone like Kim undermines the prestige of the school, others saying Harvard has lowered the bar.

Well guess what haters, Kim Kardashian is worth almost 2 billion dollars and her SKIMS brand, an estimated $3.2 billion!

You might not like Kim or how she got her start in the business but the bank doesn’t lie, this girl knows how to sell and she knows business.

I’m so sick of trolls and haters dogging on her and her family. Guess what, they are this rich and successful because WE THE PEOPLE watch, follow and buy their stuff!

Haters gonna hate and Kim is gonna take it straight to the BANK!

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