Dagen McDowell & Sean Duffy Stop By To Talk About The Launch Of ‘The Bottom Line’

Co-hosts of “The Bottom Line” on Fox Business Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy join Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to tell us what to expect from their new show, which officially launched on Monday.

Sean explains how he and Dagen are offering a unique perspective.

“We’re a couple hours after the markets close. So we have some freedom. We’re talking about the kitchen table issues, the issues that are affecting everybody and their lives. Oftentimes, that’s a cross-section that has to do with politics. We’ll talk a little bit about culture. And I got to say, what we worked together a little bit before we got the show together. We’re having a blast. We’re having a lot of fun.”

Plus, Fox Business’ newest duo react to Jimmy comparing them to The Beatles. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they had to say!