This Texas university is officially DISCONNECTED from communist TikTok!

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TikTok is a Chinese communist enterprise disguised as a mind-numbing social media platform.

I, for one, wish it was banned nationwide for obvious reasons like data mining, privacy infringements, and overall brain melting properties but thankfully at least some universities are catching on!

The University of Texas at Austin has BANNED TikTok via campus networks- making it impossible for ANYONE to access the app, even on personal devices, if they are connecting via the school’s wired or wireless networks.

Not only will this eliminate some of the data harvesting and privacy risks associated with that social media platform, it’ll also increase productivity and hopefully, brain function!

Some students are angered by this move, saying loss of TikTok access inhibits their “research ability.”

Um kiddos, if you’re citing TikTok as an academic source, you better start reevaluating the way you research anyway!

A world with less TikTok is a better and SMARTER world!

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