When Democrats held control of Congress, they investigated former President Trump’s ties to Russia, his finances, accusations of corruption and obstruction, and more. Now that the GOP controls the House, it is their turn to investigate. With committee assignments announced, House Republicans plan to launch investigations into President Biden’s family, the ‘weaponization’ of federal agencies, the US southern border and more. FOX News Sunday Host Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to discuss reactions to the committee assignments, the threat posed by the looming debt limit, and the Supreme Court declining a challenge to the controversial New York gun laws.

The city of San Francisco made headlines this week after their advisory committee on reparations for black Americans revealed their proposal, which would pay each qualifying Black resident $5 million dollars as well as comprehensive debt forgiveness. While this plan is simply a proposal, the announcement has other cities looking at reparations plans as well. Fox Business Correspondent Madison Alworth joins the Rundown to explain how black San Francisco residents would qualify for the multi-million-dollar lump sum under this plan, the pressure on cities considering reparations plans while facing budget issues, and public opinion in the country when it comes to the policy of reparations.

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