Porch Piracy

“Porch piracy” is now ILLEGAL in 8 states and counting.

What is it and is your state on the list?

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

You can’t trust anyone these days. Have you ever waited for a package only to discover either the delivery person or a sticky-handed passerby snatched your package right off your porch?

According to a Consumer Reports survey from 2021, 11% of people have had at least one package stolen though only 9% filed a police report. But get this, the survey also shows 65% of the affected people said they had at least two packages stolen!

Well that “porch piracy” is now illegal in 8 states and counting have upped the penalty for this theft from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Those states include, so far, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, New Jersey, Kentucky and my state of Tennessee!

Stealing anything delivered by the US postal service is already a felony but we need that protection extended to all delivery services!

Decent and law-abiding Americans are sick of being taken advantage of. It’s about time our state and federal leaders step up and crack down.

End porch piracy!

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