Pay up, Uncle Sam!

The Pentagon is mulling over back pay for service members discharged over that BOGUS COVID-vax mandate!

Maybe this time the government will do the right thing!

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The COVID vaccine mandate had a devastating impact on our military- our service members were forced to choose between a vaccine they didn’t want or the end of a career they sacrificed to have, in the first place.

It was wrong and thank goodness, that COVID vax mandate has been repealed!

But what about those service members who were discharged over it?

The Pentagon is now considering back pay for those who were booted for refusing the jab.

Well this is a no-brainer. These brave service members need to be made whole for this!

Nearly 8,500 military members were discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine while it was mandated. They should all be brought back and compensated fairly.

But what about the 96% of military members who buckled and got the jab? Where is their compensation? Some will suffer side effects? Where is their retribution?

It’s time for Uncle Sam to pay the piper, and our troops!

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