Joe’s Wall

President Joe was only at the southern border for a few hours but he wants you to know walls don’t work…except around his Delaware Beach home and guess who’s funding it…

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Earlier this week President Joe spoke at a summit alongside the leaders of both Canada and Mexico and announced that we cannot “wall ourselves off” from shared problems.

This was an obvious dig at Trump’s border wall- a physical barrier on our southern border Joe and fellow Democrats just can’t get behind.

But when it comes to fortifying his Delaware beach home, Joe is all about physical barriers- especially taxpayer funded ones!

Yep, construction of the border wall around his vacation home started last week and its set to cost you and I half a million bucks.

Tall white fencing with gray stone pillars to keep out our “shared problems,” Joe? How could you!

The hypocrisy meter is off the charts when the President of the United States validates a taxpayer funded wall for him, but not a barrier to protect and defend us little people or our country as a whole.

Shameful but not surprising.

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