Masks, Testing Mandates Return From Lockdown

The United States is bringing back COVID-19 restrictions on travel. Beginning today, visitors coming from China ages 2 and up must provide a negative Covid test from the past 48 hours. The mandate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention comes following a surge in coronavirus cases in China, as well as the country’s lack of transparency about the outbreak. China has threatened to retaliate, calling the move “unscientific,” leading many to wonder whether or not the testing rule will work. Dr. Robert Redfield was the Director of the CDC under President Trump. He joins the Rundown to discuss whether or not Covid mandates should be brought back, the efficacy of vaccines and treatment, and why it’s important for Americans to learn to live with the virus in a safe way.

When you browse the internet, you inevitably leave a digital footprint of personal information–but who owns that data? A recent report explained how Smart TVs are harvesting user data and selling it to advertisers for big bucks, yet they aren’t the only ones using consumer data for profit. Some of the biggest companies, from Meta and Twitter to T-Mobile and AT&T, have been fined millions of dollars for not protecting or even profiting off of users’ data. Tech founder of Applied AIC and cyber security expert John Cofrancesco joins the podcast to explain how your personal data may be used to turn a profit for big companies and the ways we are seeing regulators step up to confront this violation of consumers’ rights.

Plus, commentary from Outkick’s Tomi Lahren.