NYC Wants More $$ for Illegals!

NYC might soon cut services to prioritize the care and coddling of illegal immigrants.

Sounds about right…for New York!

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Though Title 42 is still in place, the whole country is still bracing for impact. We are ALREADY seeing an unmitigated run on our border like we’ve never seen before.

Even liberal politicians are panicking- like NYC Mayor Adams. He has warned his constituents New York City may have to cut back on assistance New Yorkers rely on to make way for the tens of thousands of illegals likely en route to the Big Apple.

The shelter system is already full and money, staff and space is about out. But instead of asking the Biden Administration to stop the invasion at the border, Mayors like Eric Adams just want more federal money- more tax dollars- to take care of the illegals coming in.

Unbelievable! No! These states and cities that pride themselves in being sanctuary free-for-alls should have to fund and deal with this problem.

Not the rest of the cities and states that want a secure border!

Blue states, you’ve made your bed and it’s time to pay the piper!

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