TikTok BAN!

Lawmakers unveil a bipartisan bill to ban TikTok in the US.

Be still my beating heart.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

TikTok is not only a Chinese data-mining, privacy infringing and communist platform, it is also annoying as hell and in my opinion, largely responsible for the dumbing down of society.

And now, alas, our lawmakers are doing something about it.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced the ban of “all transactions from any social media company in, or under the influence of, China, Russia, and several other foreign countries of concern.”

If there was ever an issue to reach across the political aisle on, for the betterment of American society as a whole- I believe his TikTok ban is it.

Yes, we have our fair share of issues with American tech companies, but at least we have some oversight over Twitter, Facebook, Google and others.

TikTok is another ball game and a dangerous one, at that.

And let’s not forget how annoying it is. The dances, the stupid hand gestures, the grooming of Americans young and old into mush-for-brain zombies.

Nope! Time to delete TikTok for good!

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