Title 42 will expire next week, which means our southern border is about to be a free-for-all on steroids.

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CBP sources estimate that over half a million illegals have been encountered at our southern border since October 1st-add that to the 5.5 million that are estimated to have invaded since Biden took office and that adds up to a giant crisis and a national security disaster.

And now that the COVID-era Title 42 policy is about to expire on December 21st, all hell is about to break loose down there.

Our border patrol agents are already overwhelmed, inundated and outnumbered. Once Title 42 expires there will be a run on our border that’ll make what we are seeing now look like a slow night at your favorite chain restaurant.

But why is it only that Foxnews and FoxNews reporters care to cover this? Where is the rest of the mainstream media? Thousands of people from around the world lining up and then pouring into our nation doesn’t seem a little newsworthy to them?

And let’s not forget that President Biden also finds the issue unworthy and uninteresting as he’s still not been to the border and has no plans to go.

Meanwhile we are still sending billions to defend UKRAINE’S BORDER?!

You can’t make this stuff up, though I wish it was all a big joke.

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