A California English teacher says proper grammar is a form of white supremacy.

Is it any dang wonder American students are falling behind?!

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Liberal activism has entrenched itself into school curriculum but usually it’s a little more subtle than this case out of California where a high school English teacher admits to teaching her students proper grammar is a form of white supremacy.

She asserts that stressing the importance of proper linguistics is not inclusive and a part of white supremacy culture that “runs deep.”

The teacher also contends proper grammar and syntax are just rules made up by white supremacists and it’s her duty to combat it…I guess by letting her students speak and write poorly.

How is this woman still employed? What parent- regardless of political affiliation- wants an English teacher teaching their children to speak incorrectly and unprofessionally in the name of wokeness?!

Parents, it’s time to take a stand. It’s no wonder American students are falling behind!

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