There is a new viral soda mix trend called “pilk.”

Would you try it?

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It’s called PILK, and is a mixture of Pepsi and Milk that went viral after Lindsay Lohan debuted in Pepsi’s latest holiday ad.

The craze inspired the trending hashtag #pilkandcookies and has social media users divided.

I’ll admit, I myself tried the soda and dairy combo and while it didn’t make me physically ill, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Yeah, it’s a little odd but it’s not as bad as other viral trends such as NyQuil soaked chicken- a fad that could actually harm you.

In fact, The FDA warns that even if you don’t eat the NYQUIL chicken, even breathing in the fumes of boiled cold meds can make you sick.

The FDA also added that another social media trend challenging people to consume large doses of allergy medicines in order to hallucinate is also not a good idea and can even cause hospitalization or DEATH!

So go ahead and try some Pepsi Milk, but steer clear of making cold medicine on your poultry of choice!

It’s 2022, and yes this is where we are.

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