No Border for Joe

President Joe was asked why he’d go to Arizona yet conveniently NOT visit the border.

Wait till you hear his BS reply!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Despite Karine Jean Pierre’s best attempts to lie otherwise, Joe Biden has not visited the border as president- not once.

And hold onto your hats, folks. He has no plans to.

Yet, his handlers will schlep him to border states, such as Arizona. But when asked by our very own Peter Doocy why he’d go to Arizona and NOT visit the overrun, invaded, inundated, totally insecure border, Joe replied “there are more important things going on.”

There you have it! Our commander-in-chief who is constitutionally and dutifully sworn to protect and defend our nation from threats foreign and domestic doesn’t feel our wide open, human and drug trafficked southern border is a top issue.

But Republicans, we can only blame ourselves for this. We- as a party- FAILED to make the border a top issue in the November midterms.

Why is it only Donald Trump who is able to get Americans concerned about our border security?! It’s unacceptable. We must do better!

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