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Jesse Watters, Cohost of The Five and Host of Jesse Watters Primetime joined the Guy Benson Show to react to President Biden’s refusal to visit the southern border while visiting the border state of Arizona. Telling reporters ‘there are more important things going on’.

Watters reacted to Biden’s border comments saying,

Basically, this tells me that for the rest of the Biden presidency, he’s not going to try to fix problems. He’s admitting that he really doesn’t want to fix the problem because in order to fix the problem, you’ve got to lay eyes on the problem. And if it’s basically the same distance from where he’s going in Arizona to the border as it is from D.C. to Delaware, you’d think he might feel that it may be hop, skip and a jump. You’re down at the border, lay your eyes on the situation, and then at least you don’t have Karine Jean-Pierre lying to us and telling us that he’s been to the border. At least you can say I’ve been to the border. And you don’t have to go in Texas. You have to go through that rigamarole where everybody hates you. And the governor said, you know, there’s a purple state, Arizona, go down, check it out and get out of there and say you’re going to work with the Republicans and Democrats to fix it.”