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Dana Perino, co-anchor of America’s Newsroom and co-host of The Five joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s media strategy amid widespread 2024 speculation and react to President Biden’s border visit snub.

Perino reacted to Biden’s answer to not visiting the border saying,

“I’m just confused. This is actually his job. There is nobody else in the federal government who is responsible except for the executive branch. And he is the commander in chief. He is the one responsible for border security, and he does not care. And one I would just be so nervous every day that somebody got through that was going to cause harm. Well, there are there are illegal immigrants crossing who are causing harm. Right. And I think why not go and talk to some of those ranchers and private property owners. Or People in Yuma who are suffering and he thinks it’s not a priority? I think this will be a horrible stain on his legacy. For the rest of his life.